Area Rug Cleaning

Refresh and restore most types of rug

While area rugs are a beautiful addition to any room, they receive a fair amount of traffic and can quickly become dirty. Let Chem-Dry bring the patterns and colors of your area rugs back to their original beauty. Our professionals can clean nearly any rug and have it virtually looking as good as new.

Chem-Dry ensures your rugs are carefully handled and cleaned only by our certified, trained specialists. We are trained to clean all types of rugs, from Oriental to Persian. Our effective yet gentle area rug cleaning preserves the dye within the fibers of your rug, leaving the colors vibrant and fresh and preserving its beauty and value.

Our cleaning products don’t leave sticky dirt-attracting residue, so your rugs will stay cleaner longer. And, with an application of Chem-Dry Protectant, your rugs will stand up better against the spills and mishaps of everyday life. Ask about all our services available to ensure a deep-cleaned rug.

Due to a wide variety in construction materials and styles of area rugs, we will provide an analysis and prepare a no-obligation quote. Call now to learn more.

Wool Rug Cleaning

Your wool is in safe hands

Chem-Dry provides a specific cleaning solution for 100% wool carpets and rugs that’s fully accredited and approved by WoolSafe; the independent testing body who promotes best practice in the cleaning of wool carpets and rugs.

The Natural® for wool has passed rigorous tests with flying colors, so you can treat your wool carpets and rugs to a Chem-Dry clean with confidence.

Oriental / Persian Rug Cleaning

Oriental, Persian, Chinese and Egyptian Rug Cleaning

Specialist experience for perfect results

Oriental, Persian, Chinese or Egyptian rugs require a little more care when cleaning than a normal large rug. They will often have a sculptured design, which means they have been constructed with high and low areas of fibre or have been hand cut to this effect.

Before cleaning speciality rugs of this type, we undertake a thorough test to ensure compatibility and identify rug fibre content, making allowance for any slight difference in the construction process for both machine made and hand woven rugs.

The identification of the rug fibre content forms part of our rug cleaning service and helps us to avoid possible outcomes such as colour runs, colour bleeding or pile distortion.

All of this means that you can trust Chem-Dry to treat your prized possessions with the care they deserve – every time.